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Books give a home a heart and a head. They provide a short cut to understanding those that dwell within. Their presence in a room is a visual expression of both style and culture;  their power as an item of décor can only otherwise be matched by expensive art. So whether you are a professional interior designer looking for something singular or a home decorator wanted to give your house a unique atmosphere, contact us 


“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Leather bound books for an upmarket feel
Leather bound books for an upmarket feel

The Downton Abbey study

We can supply original 18th books 19th Century leather bound books, or cloth bound books if you prefer. Alternatively if you are looking for something more brightly coloured we have reproduction books that also work very well. We can supply by type of books, look and feel, colour scheme or wide ranging theme. All you need to do is measure the length of the shelves you need to fill and our expert design team will take it from there! Please don’t forget to ask about our great worldwide shipping rates.


Penguin books



The intellectual hipster’s shelf

Love those Penguin classics in all those iconic colours, or a lovely line of Observer books? Need something obscure, quirky and interesting to impress your friends? You know who to contact...


“The best decoration in the world is a roomful of books.” – The dean of interior decorators,  Billy B

Books grouped by colour make a striking display
Books grouped by colour make a striking display

The Scandinavian styled family home

Add instant style and substance to your home with a good selection of interesting books for all ages?  Pick fiction or factual books in Design and Fashion and Lifestyle, Science, Travel, Photographic, Art or History. Our expert team will help select the right books for your home. Get in touch.





Books for holiday homes and B&Bs

Kitting out a holiday home, or need some entertaining reading for your B&B guests to help them relax into their stay? We can find second-hand books linked to your local area, or a great selection of best-sellers – or a mix of both! contact us.

worlwide shipping redWe ship worldwide         

Prices quoted on individual orders as dependent on weight and size. Free delivery to Stroud (Gloucestershire) and immediate surrounding areas.


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