At Reuseabook we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. It’s not something we do to maintain a good public face, it is woven into the fabric of the business, written on every page of our story. It is who we are. Below is a snapshot of some of causes that we are pleased to support.

The Ape Alliance 

The Ape Alliance started as an international coalition of organisations and individuals, working for the conservation and welfare of apes. Based in Stroud, it is Reuseabook’s environmental Gibboncharity of choice. Reuseabooks supports this charity by sending out an Ape’s Alliance bookmark with every individual reader purchase. This equates to 50,000 new people per month and climbing around the world who now get to hear about the great work the alliance does.


Big Issue seller Iain 

Iain is selling vinyl records online as a business start-up. Reuseabook donated a pile of vinyl to help him on his way. Big issue


Nasio Trust

The Nasio Trust 

The Nasio Trust in Western Kenya was delighted to receive a big consignment of reading and educational books for the orphans at their two day-care centres.


The Macmillan ‘Emily’ appeal in conjunction with N-Power

 We were asked by N-Power if we could help with a library clearance at a site that was being decommissioned. There were a number of high value books at this site which we collected, catalogued and sold online, with the £750 profits donated to Macmillan’s Emily’s Story just in time for Christmas.

 Morocco girlMorocco Nomad School

In April 2015 we choose to go to the Sahara on a family holiday with our very small children. We felt privileged to spend a morning at a Nomad school, set-up and run entirely by the Nomads who had turned a tent (pictured) into a very rudimentary school, with no resources except a blow-up plastic beach ball used as a globe. So we took them 25kg of English books. Lessons in the desert

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