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Push pullOur charity partners are our long-term partners in meeting shared environmental and societal goals. It’s all about fostering an on-going working relationship that steps away from this marketplace’s ‘Push-me, Pull-you’ dynamic. It is our goal to developed a new working-together model that provides the best solution for all charities in the long term. Accordingly we have a series of new innovations in the pipeline, including profit sharing.


We provide our charity partners with:

  • extremely competitive prices
  • guaranteed on-time payment
  • collections at times and places to suit the charities
  • a friendly, professional and very reliable service run by a dedicated logistics manager
  • great communication: we call every one of our shops 24 hours before a collection to confirm arrangements
  • our own specially trained in house drivers and a modern fleet of fuel-efficient new vans
  • a wide portfolio of handling solutions: hessian sack, stackable plastic or cardboard boxes

We buy and collect books from anywhere in England and Wales and we are happy to recycle CDs, DVDs as well. Generally we collect directly from charity retail premises, but should you require it, we can collect directly from central regional warehouses. To find out how we can meet your needs please get in touch.


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Profit sharing increases revenue from books for charities

As well as collecting the surplus books, we provide many of our charities with a profit share scheme. Traditionally, charity shops identify books they know will sell – they go on the shelves for £1-£2 The charity makes some money, but not a lot. Often, the books are bought by enterprising local E-bay traders who sell them for much more.

How Reuseabook works with charities to increase their revenues from books:

Over time, we have built a worldwide and very receptive audience for our book sales. As a result, we can get the best prices for high value books we buy from charities. We then return the higher proportion of the profit from each sale to the charity partner, without asking the shop volunteers to make a significant change in the way they do things.

The profit share works like this:

  1. Shops identify high value books, as they do currently
  2. These books then go into a specially provided Reuseabook box
  3. We collect the boxes with the surplus books from the shop and list them on our online bookstore
  4. We then pay the shops monthly for every book we sell of their behalf

In this way all the storage and handling is done by us and after a sale, the charity shop gets the lion’s share of the money. This has proved an amazing success for several of our shops as they have realised the money from expensive books, rather than selling potentially valuable books cheaply to shop customers who go on to sell the books online themselves.

To find out how your shop could participate in profit sharing please get in touch.


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