colour palettes

Grouping objects by type or colour is a long established designer’s trick to add impact without expense. The most up to the minute way of doing this is with books.

colour theme

Design blog Apartment Therapy leads the way

Pure white, scandinavian grey and muted palettes in home decor make for tasteful and sophisticated schemes, but without any contrasting accents they can feel cold or even worse, bland.

books limited colour palletteBooks are a very quick, simple and effective way of injecting colour with no requirement for painting, or anything else that won’t be easy to change.

Style gurus think arranging books in this way look great. However if these rainbow effects are too much for you, you can create a a very sticking effect with a far more limited range of colours.

To find out how we can supply you with interesting books that will create the right decorative effect then get in touch with one of our expert design team.

For other inspiring ideas for decorating your home or business using books please read our decorators and designers pages, or visit out pintrest board.

In fact small piles of books used as accents within a scheme, have they same effect as throw cushions. Add and remove with the season’s or books


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