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book chair gardenBooks are an incredible form of leisure activity: they can transport you out of your current world to somewhere entirely different. Books can inform and educate, provoke thought and emotions, make us laugh, sigh, cry or curse. Some are completely unforgettable and can change our lives.

Here at Reuseabook we love books so much we have around one million of them; pre-loved and all needing a new home, with prices starting at just 1p per book.

From popular fiction by bestselling authors to cookbooks, textbooks, craft books, crime fiction, autobiographies, art, photography, chick lit, fantasy, history and travel. So come on in, have a browse; there’s bound to be a book just waiting for you – and we deliver worldwide!

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Paper books versus e-books

Much as we love our e-readers, you simply can’t get a sensory experience from a plastic tablet. Close your eyes and smell the pages of a printed book. Feel that crisp rasp when turning over a thick, luminous page of beautiful photographic print in a high end coffee table book. Enjoy finding grains of fine sand in a novel you last read on a beach…


The fact is, nothing beats a real paper book for versatility, its transportability and accessibility to all budgets. What else offers so much entertainment or information which can literally change the way you think and live, for so little?

You don’t need to buy a ticket, you don’t need to ride a bus, you don’t need to go online, or pay a monthly subscription, and you certainly don’t need to worry about battery life. Wherever you are in the world, you can find second-hand books in really good condition – just click here  

Existing customer?

If you have already bought a book, from Abe or any of our other marketplaces and have something you’d like talk to us about then please get in touch.

Looking for more than one book?

Please note we are unable to take orders for single or low numbers of books directly. If, however, you have an order of 25 books or more to place, then please do use this form.

We ship worldwide         

Prices quoted on individual orders as dependent on weight and size.

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  1. I have just received the book I ordered from you, all the way in small town Japan. The Alchemist. Lovely little hardcover in pristine shape. Thank you!


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