is a big word at Reuseabook and it means many things.

sustainability recycleEnvironmentally sustainable

Not only is the core of our business all about reusing or recycling books and other items of value, but we also try and mitigate our impact on the environment in other ways:

  •  We recycle everything possible – our target is zero to landfill
  • All our furniture, shelving and conveyors are pre-owned
  • We plan our routes efficiently to reduce wasted collection miles
  • We are working towards a low-energy fleet to reduce fuel consumption
  • We regularly donate to local causes



Our plan is to send even fewer books for recycling by increasing the number shipped to developing countries where English-language books are highly valued.

When books really can’t be re-used as books, they travel only a few miles to our local recycling partner, where they are pulped and turned in to hardboards for pallets, paper, cardboard, filling for packaging, insulation and of course, toilet paper. This all reduces the amount of wood that is required from the world’s woodlands.

Having an economically sustainable model for us and our charity partners

sustainabilitygreenWe very much see our charity suppliers, their goals and aims as integral to what we do.  If we can help them generate revenues, then indirectly we’re doing good.

In the industry of reusable goods there is no denying that margins are thin, and operations can be resource-intensive. We have worked very hard to develop a model that make sense from an economic prospective; a model that makes the Reuseabook business viable in the long term, generating long-term income for the charities, from an ethical and committed partner.

Sustainable for ours and other communities

A long-term financially-sustainable model means being able to provide much-needed jobs in the local community. Keen to support our staff in their lives, from everything from apprenticeships to sorting out transport and housing issues.

 We’re in it for the long run

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